Classes held every Sunday from 10AM-1:30PM during the Academic School Year. Closed during summer.


Small class sizes Age and knowledge appropriate class placements Dedicated volunteer staff members

Key Objectives

Teach everything that is required to worship Allah Subhan Wa Ta’Ala alone in the day-to-day life Instill the love, respect and obedience of our Beloved Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) [...]

Tuition and Financial Aid

$300 for first child, $250 for second child, $200 for third child and so on Includes Books, Supplies, Includes Events and Prizes Includes Snack served during recess Installment plans available [...]


Aqaaid (System of Beliefs) The Holy Quran (Duas, Basic Memorization, Tajweed, Meaning) Hadith (Sunnah and Traditions) Fiqh (Islamic Rulings and Practices) Islamic History (Prophets, Sahabas, Key [...]


The Minhaj Weekend Learning Academy (MWLA) is founded on the belief that proper knowledge and regular practice help to create the Taqwa (Piety / Fear) of Allah Subhan Wa Ta’Ala in a [...]